Depth Water Tank Level Sensor Waterproof Liquid Ultrasonic Digital Water Level Sensor HC-NWY3

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Depth Water Tank Level Sensor Waterproof Liquid Ultrasonic Digital Water Level Sensor HC-NWY3
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Technische Daten
Grade: Industrial
Warranty: 2 years
Customized support: OEM, ODM, OBM, Software reengineering
Model Number: HC-NWY3
Measuring Range: 0-60m
Output: 4-20mA (RS485 optional)
Relay Output: AC 220V 8A or DC 35V 10A
Power supply: 12V DC
Accuracy: 0.25%~0.5%F.S
Resolution: 3mm or 0.1%
Working temperature: -20℃~60℃
Display: LCD screen
Model Number: HC-NWY3
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Packaging Details: carton
Product Description
A radar liquid level sensor is an instrument for measuring the height of a liquid and converting it to an electrical signal, it is for continuous, non-contact level measurement of liquids or solids. Radar liquid level sensors are measurement devices which transmit and receive high frequency radio waves (microwaves) to measure the distance to the surface of a liquid based substance. Radar liquid level sensors are typically housed in a single assembly combining the transmitter and receiver antenna in one device. The antenna system transmits a high frequency electromagnetic wave pulse typically in the microwave spectrum on the product to be measured. These are reflected by the surface of the product and captured again by the antenna system. The time taken for the microwave pulse to traverse the distance between the transmitting antenna and target surface, and back again to the receiving antenna is measured. The signal return time is proportional to the distance between the sensor and the target surface(e.g., water, grain, slurry). The distance (d) between the radar liquid level sensor and the liquid surface can be calculated by dividing the time taken (t) by two, and multiplying that by the speed of light (c), i.e. d = c ∙ t / 2. The liquid level in a tank (LT) can then be determined by subtracting distance (d) from the height of the radar level sensor (HT), i.e. LT = HT – d. The pulse through air radar liquid level sensor is the most commonly used type due to it being contactless and easier to install. The transmitted magnetic waves fan out from the sensor until they hit the surface of the liquid and are reflected back. It's more suitable than the submersible type, when the installation is made difficult due to strong current, possible overflows and edges of the unaccessible water basins. Due to high frequency electromagnetic pulse waves and precise transmitting time measurement, the data it collects are accurate in all types of environmental conditions, even for solids and low dielectric constant fluids.
What is the main difference between radar sensors and ultrasonic sensors?
Unlike ultrasonic sensors, the performance of a radar level sensor is not easily affected by temperature changes, humidity or vapour between the sensor and the liquid surface. This is because changes in air density only have a very small effect on the speed of electromagnetic waves. Also radar liquid level sensors can work in a vacuum, high pressures and high temperatures without any noticeable difference on measured transit time, so it can be used in applications where it is not possible to use ultrasonic based sensors. Due to the high frequency electromagnetic waves used, it is possible to measure distance to a very high accuracy, as long as the surface is not too close to the sensor, where the pulse transit time becomes too small to measure precisely. This is called the dead zone, blocking distance or deadband, and is typically greater than an ultrasonic based device.
Detailed Images

Robust construction
Fully 304 stainless steel construction, rugged enough for harsh environments, good sealing performance and corrosion resistance

LCD Display Screen
Directly display the data on the screen, get the dynamic changes in real time on site.

ABS Waterproof Interface
ABS protective interface with good sealing performance can withstand water or even chemical resistant, aging resistant, and high and low temperature resistant.

Explosion-proof cover
Thickened aluminum alloy cover to improve the heat dissipation performance, with high-voltage electrostatic plastic spraying, it has good insulation performance, anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof
CMOS chip
Based on the CMOS millimeter wave pluse chip, a more compact pluse architecture, a higher signal-to-noise ratio, a smaller blind zone, and a more stable and sensitive signal are realized. The cavity is glue-pouring sealing with high-density epoxy resin, which can prevent moisture from entering the body.

Intelligent echo analysis
The hardware system uses advanced microprocessors and embedded system processing software, the signal algorithm processing integrates advanced Echo-capture signal processing technology, this makes the product is not affected by various complicated working conditions, such as strong surface fluctuations, foam, moisture and dust interference.
Pluse type
Pulse transmission type, a time interval between the transmitted wave and the received wave to avoid the interference cased by the transmitted wave, and the transmission power is low.

10° Beam Angle
The narrow acoustic beam with 10° beam angle can keep the energy concentrated, small divergence and strong penetration ability, to realize the large measurement range, and it can also help to reduce the unwanted reflection make the measurement is more accurate.

Self cleaning of antenna (optional)
Some volatile organic matter in the measuring medium will crystallize on the horn or antenna of the radar level gauge, it will increase interference caused by buildup, proper cleaning of the antenna will fix this problem and get us back to reliable measurements
Sensor frequency
approx. 40kHz to 64kHz
Medium types
Liquids, solids
5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m optional
3mm or 0.1%
Analog output
Relay output
AC 250V/8A or DC 30V/5A, state programmable
Digital data
RS485, RS232 optional
Power supply
Standard configuration: 24V DC
Optional: 220V AV±15% 50Hz
Transmitter connection wiring
2-wire or 4-wire
Power consumption
4-wire, without relay: 1.9W
4-wire, with relay: 3.1W
2-wire, without relay: 0.72W
Display type
Sensor material
Parameter setting
3 Induction buttons
Thread, Flange, Bracket
Process temperature range
-20°C~+80°C for probe, -20°C~+80°C for display part
Protection grade
IP68 for probe, IP66 for display part
* Robust design; *Easy installation;
*No maintenance;
*Non-contact level measurement of liquids and solids;
*Fully metal construction, rugged enough for harsh environments;
*Installation method: thread or flange, clamps are optional;
*Maximum measuring range of 70m and measurement accuracy:±3mm;
*Several output signals including analog 4-20mA current loop and serial data;

*High stability even in situations of large and sudden thermal gradients;
*26GHz working bandwidth means higher measurement resolution and accuracy;
*Shorter wavelength yields good reflection properties on sloped solids, so aiming towards material angle of repose is usually not necessary;
*10°antenna beam angle, good signal focusing ability, so the interference in the environment has less impact on the instrument, not affected by condensation and dust phenomena;
*It's suitable for large range, high dust, steam condensation, mixing, narrow installation space, and occasions with high precision and blind zone requirements.
Application Fields
river & lake
chemical plant
acid-base pool
water well
Third-party calibration certificate
Packing & Delivery
Company Profile
Shanghai HCCS Measurement Technology limited company is founded in 2008 and registered in Jiading,a high-speed growing development district of Shanghai, and now located in Shanghai Volkswagen Creative Design Park. We are a high-tech sensor and monitoring instrument manufacturer specializing in the geotechnical and dam engineering, after more than 10 years development, we have become a comprehensive scientific and technological team integrating civil engineering, structural mechanics, electronic technology, automatic control, computer sensor technology, mechanical design and other related disciplines.
Technological innovation is the fundamental driving force for development, and we are committed to provide customers with satisfactory high-tech products. With the strong research and development, professional civil engineering knowledge, and advanced and reliable technology, we aim to research and develop better automatic monitoring products and systems by continuous scientific and technological innovation to meet the requirements of civil engineering automatic monitoring.
On the basis of fully absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, and adhering to the tradition of keeping improving for military technology, we have successfully developed a series of sensors with excellent performance, which have been widely used in bridges and tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, roads and railways, foundation pits, geological disasters, dams, mines, national defense projects and many other fields. We serviced more than 300 survey and design companies, and more than 2000 automatic monitoring projects, our products are highly praised by customers with first-class quality and exquisite technical services.
Q1. Can I have a free sample for testing ?
A: Sample order is acceptable, but you need pay for the product cost and freight .

Q2. What about the delivery time?
A: Usually, the goods will be delivered in 3-5 working days after receiving your payment, but it depends on the quantity.

Q3: Is it OK to print my logo on the products?
A: Yes, we support OEM/ODM service.

Q4: Do you offer guarantee for the products?
A:Yes, we offer 2 years warranty to our products.

Q5. Do you have certifications?
A: Yes, we have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and a number of patents.

Q6: How is the quality of your goods?
A: We make a commitment to offer products with well-engineered and good quality. If there is some questions, we have after-sale teams to help you, and we offer 1 year warranty.

Q7: Is price marked on ALIBABA negotiable or not?
A: The price is negotiable.

Q8: What kind payment method we accept?
A: T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union, Trade Assurance on Alibaba, MoneyGram and PayPal
Note: Customer will be requested to pay 4% transaction fee upon total amount charged by EBAY

Q9: How can you guarantee payment safety?
A: Our company supports TRADE ASSURANCE service. If you will choose payment through ALIBABA TRADE ASSURANCE service, you payment will be guaranteed. Because we are not able to receive payment until you confirm goods receipt

Q10: What kinds of shipment for goods?
A: DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, CHINA POST, air transport and other proposed forwarders.

Q11: Does your company ship battery or not?
A: Our company can receive battery order and ship to customer normally, except a few special countries.

Q12: Do you have other items not displayed on your website?
A: Yes, our company supplies full monitoring series products. If you are looking for product not displayed on our website, please contact us freely, we will reply you on time. And we also supply customized sensors based on your requirements.
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