Short Range Position Sensor 50mm 0-10v 4-20mA Analog Output Signal Non Contact DC Precision Lvdt Sensor

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Short Range Position Sensor 50mm 0-10v 4-20mA Analog Output Signal Non Contact DC Precision Lvdt Sensor
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Technische Daten
Model Number: HC-LVDT50
Type: Linear Displacement Sensor
Usage: Position sensor
Theory: Linear variable displacement transducer
Output: Analog signal or serial data
Description: HC-LVDT50 linear variable displacement transducer
Measurement stroke: 5-50mm
Linearity: 0.25%~0.1%FS
Repeatability: ≤0.01%F.S
Resolution: ≤0.1um
Casing dimensions: 20mm of diameter
Rod diameter: 6mm
Zero tem. coefficient: ≤0.01%/℃
Supply voltage: DC 9~28V
Operating temperature: -25℃~+85℃
Waterproofness: IP65
Model Number: HC-LVDT50
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Packaging Details: carton
Product Description
The term LVDT stands for the Linear Variable Differential Transformer. It is the most widely used inductive transducer that
converts the linear motion into the electrical signal. The output across secondary of this transformer is the differential thus it is called.

LVDT provides an extremely reliable solution for a precise linear displacement (position) and gauging measurement. Linear variable displacement transducers can be used wherever a physical displacement or position needs to be converted into an electrical signal for indication or control purposes. LVDT features easy operation ensuring long life and no degradation of performance with respect to time or number of cycles.

LVDT is an electromechanical device used to convert mechanical motion or vibrations, specifically rectilinear motion, into a variable electrical current, voltage or electric signals, and the reverse. Physically, the LVDT construction is a hollow metallic cylinder in which a shaft of smaller diameter moves freely back and forth along the cylinder’s long axis. The shaft, or pushrod, ends in a magnetically conductive core which must be within the cylinder, or coil assembly, when the device is operating. In common practice, the pushrod is physically attached to the movable object whose position is to be determined (the measurand), while the coil assembly is attached to a fixed reference point. Movement of the measurand moves the core within the coil assembly; this motion is measured electrically.
Working Principle
LVDT works under the principle of mutual induction, and the displacement which is a nonelectrical energy is converted into an electrical energy.
LVDT consists of a cylindrical former where it is surrounded by one primary winding in the centre of the former and the two secondary windings at the sides. The number of turns in both the secondary windings are equal, but they are opposite to each other, i.e., if the left secondary windings is in the clockwise direction, the right secondary windings will be in the anti-clockwise direction, hence the net output voltages will be the difference in voltages between the two secondary coil. The two secondary coil is represented as S1 and S2. Esteem iron core is placed in the centre of the cylindrical former which can move in to and fro motion as shown in the figure.
Case 1: On applying an external force which is the displacement, if the core reminds in the null position itself without providing any movement then the voltage induced in both the secondary windings are equal which results in net output is equal to zero. i.e., Esec1-Esec2=0 Case 2: When an external force is appilied and if the steel iron core tends to move in the left hand side direction then the emf voltage induced in the secondary coil is greater when compared to the emf induced in the secondary coil 2. Therefore the net output will be Esec1-Esec2 Case 3: When an external force is applied and if the steel iron core moves in the right hand side direction then the emf induced in the secondary coil 2 is greater when compared to the emf voltage induced in the secondary coil 1. therefore the net output voltage will be Esec2-Esec1

Output VS Core Displacement A linear curve shows that output voltage varies linearly with displacement of core.
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Simple and Robust
Full 304 stainless steel body, combined with its rugged construction, LVDT sensors offer high performance and reliability along with resistance to shock and vibration occurring in most industrial applications.

Flexible installation
Fisheye bearing on each end is easy for installation, and there is also a ABS mounting base optional for different conditions.
No frictional losses
There is no mechanical contact between core shaft and the coils, the core moves inside a hollow former, absence of motion parts and physical operation principle enable control of minor core shaft displacements, there is no loss of displacement input as frictional loss, so the result is clean data and infinite resolution, makes LVDT as very accurate device.
Single direction of sensitivity
LVDT displacement transducer reacts to core shaft displacement only in single direction and does not have any response to displacement in other directions, this feature is especially important for small displacement measurements–for instance, a slight fluctuation during core shaft displacement.

High sensitivity and high repeatability
It converts the linear displacement to electrical voltage which are easy to process, the output of LVDT is so high that it doesn’t need any amplification, the transducer posseses a high sensitivity, and it shows a low hysteresis and hence repeatability is excellent under all conditions.
Runout protection
Inner opening of LVDT displacement transducer is open from both sides, which means that in the case of “overshoot” (i.e. controlled object and core shaft displacement beyond the specified limits) there will be no mechanical damage of the sensor – the core shaft will simply come out from the sensor without damaging it.
US (Usefull Stroke)
MS (Mecanical Stroke)
L (total Length)
Measurement Stroke
50mm (2.5mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm, 100mm, 250mm, 500mm optional)
Output Signal
Supply Voltage
Working Current
±0.25%, ±0.5%
0.25%, 0.1%
16 bit
Operation Tem.
Tem. Coefficient
Mechanical Life
100 millions movements
Casing Dimensions
20mm of diameter
Rod diameter
6mm of diameter
304 stainless steel
1.Built-in precision linear bearing, good repeatability;
2. Full 304 stainless steel body, rugged enough for harsh environment; 3.Wide measuring range: 5-50mm; 4.Single DC power supply, built-in excellent signal demodulator; 5. Output mode 4-20mA 0-5V 0-10V or RS485 (optional); 6. No sliding contact, long service life;
Applications Cases
Packing & Delivery
Company Profile
Shanghai HCCS Measurement Technology Co., Ltd is founded in 2011 and registered in Jiading,a high-speed growing development District of Shanghai, and now located in Shanghai Volkswagen Creative Design Park. We are a high-tech sensor and monitoring instrument manufacturer specializing in the geotechnical and dam engineering, after more than 10 years development, we have become a comprehensive scientific and technological team integrating civil engineering, structural mechanics, electronic technology, automatic control, computer sensor technology, mechanical design and other related disciplines. We aim to R&D better automatic monitoring products and systems by continuous scientific and technological innovation to meet the requirements of civil engineering automatic monitoring. With the strong R&D, professional civil engineering knowledge, and advanced and reliable technology, we are a rapidly emerging company. Technological innovation is the fundamental driving force for development, and we are committed to provide customers with satisfactory high-tech products. On the basis of fully absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, and adhering to the tradition of keeping improving for military technology, we have successfully developed a series of products with excellent performance, such as intelligent data acquisition system, high-precision three-dimensional deformation monitor, geotechnical engineering sensors and engineering safety monitoring instruments, which have been widely used in bridges and tunnels, water conservancy and hydropower, roads and railways, foundation pits, geological disasters, dams, mines, national defense projects and many other fields, our products are highly praised by customers with first-class product quality and exquisite technical services. Our newly developed wireless monitoring system for deep foundation pit, with fully automated and intelligent monitoring methods, is changing the traditional monitoring concept. We design and produce the full range of geotechnical engineering instruments, including static level gauge, settlement monitoring system, convergence gauge, NB-IoT data logger, GNSS receiver, water level gauge, inclinometer, laser range finder, crack meter, piezometer, pressure gauge, strain gauge, reinforcement gauge, displacement gauge, earth pressure cell, vibrating wire strain gauge, rain gauge, water quality sensor, soil sensor, weather station, intelligent data acquisition instrument, foundation pit automatic monitoring system, deformation monitoring system, geological disaster integrated monitoring station, monitoring software and other data recorders, as well as other products specially designed according to user requirements.
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A: Sample order is acceptable, but you need pay for the product cost and freight .

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A: Usually, the goods will be delivered in 3-5 working days after receiving your payment, but it depends on the quantity.

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A: Yes, we support OEM/ODM service.

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A:Yes, we offer 2 years warranty to our products.

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A: Yes, we have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and a number of patents.

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A: We make a commitment to offer products with well-engineered and good quality. If there is some questions, we have after-sale teams to help you, and we offer 1 year warranty.

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A: Yes, our company supplies full monitoring series products. If you are looking for product not displayed on our website, please contact us freely, we will reply you on time. And we also supply customized sensors based on your requirements.
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